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what beast would turn its life into words?

what atonement is this all about?

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Birthdate:Feb 23
Location:New York, United States of America
this is a twin account of [personal profile] two_grey_rooms. i'm mainly active on lj, but i've set up this journal to keep up with my friends who only have dws. all posts will be cross-posted.

(and here is my info copied and pasted from lj...i wrote it years ago, so i should probably update it with something a bit more current, but i s'pose it's better than having no info for now.)

feel free to friend and de-friend this journal at your leisure. it's mostly me rambling about rl, but if you want an add, i'd love to get to know to you, unless you are overtly a creeper (covert creepers are naturally welcome. i always appreciate subtlety). if we don't click or we don't have anything in common or you just un-add me in a guilt-triggered paroxysm after the realization that you only ever kept me on your flist to pirate my music, it's cool. Although if you are just here to creep around my mediafire, go creep your heart out.

this journal is only partly friends-only, and i don't filter shit, so if i add you, you get the full panoply of bits-'n'-bats, no catch, money-back guarantee. if you happen to stalk me and notice i've posted something you can't see, it's because i've used my lj as a note to self. 's nothing personal.

and the obligatory "about me" bit: My parents named me Michelle, which I sometimes go by, but a medley of friends addresses me as Ellie, Mimi, and/or Mikey. Call me what you will. I am genderqueer, and "ze" is the appropriate pronoun, please. I am fond of lots and lots of things typically endemic to livejournal users, e.g. books, music, movies, art, politics, interrobangs, assiduous eavesdropping, zealous people-watching, accumulating kitsch, cyclically wondering what the fuck I thought was so alluring about my trove of kitsch and dumping it all out before I inevitably accumulate more, and long-winded harangues about nothing. I am attracted to acerbic wit and egalitarianism feminism and movies about suicide and reading things that twist my brain into new and uncomfortable directions. I frequently break cell phones and parallel structure. For further detail on any of the above, we should talk, I think. Or you could take the creeper route and go stalk my entries.

DISCLAIMER: the RIAA says you're a criminal if you keep anything you lifted from my mediafire for longer than 24 hours.

shelved, dogeared, well loved, spoken, & ravished.
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