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i love this weather so much i want to have sex with it.

i am also rather in love with the choice of john c. reilly as haymitch in the forthcoming hunger games movie. it is perfect in every way (JUST LIKE THIS MFING WEATHER) and almost makes up for the horrendous casting of gale. almost.

i'm not quite in love with the idea that i am already excited about a movie that isn't coming out for another eleven months, but hey, you know what they say in therapy. that looking forward to things serves a pretty important function in that it, you know, keeps you looking forward. which is, i hear, the antithesis of suicide.

who here has read the hunger games? who here has dismissed them as another shit-lit fad a la twilight? if you are in the latter camp, you better re-think that shit pronto and haul your ass to your local library or bookstore. i mean it. imagine the most dangerous game meets brave new world, and then throw in a kickass chick with a bow and arrow who you can't quite classify as either a heroine or an anti-heroine.

i am also looking forward to NOT BEING IN HIGH SCHOOL EVER A-FUCKING-GAIN in a matter of weeks. i've still got over a month of time to serve, but shit, son. i will never have to set foot in a fucking high school EVER AGAIN if i don't want to (unless shit gets apocalyptic and someone decides to convert it into a bomb shelter or something). i will never ever ever ever have to take another bullshit standardized test, or be a part of a system where scoring points is valued over actual thinking, and the vast majority of the people in charge have this strange and vaguely authoritarian idea that it's more important to be punished for fucking up (a vital part of exploring and learning) than to figure out how to fix it. probably, i'll be disillusioned again in a matter of months, but for right now? the idea of being thisclose to getting the fuck out is sexy as hell. at any rate, i'm about to spend four years in a place where learning is actually fucking encouraged and facilitated. that's pretty exciting.

a less disjointed, more substantive entry is coming (eventually...maybe sometime around the hunger games's release date :P), but for now i think ima go back to basking in the sunlight like a lizard. catch y'all on the flip side.
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